Saturday, January 20, 2007

INTERNET RESOURCES: The Marxist Internet Archive

The Marxist Internet Archive is an invaluable resource for this class.

Unfortunately, it may be difficult to access. According to the website:

January 17, 2007: The MIA server has recently been attacked, which caused severe downtime and hardware failure. Furthermore, our service provider is abruptly closing down on February 1st. Therefore, the MIA server will not be highly available over the course of the next three weeks, and we recommend you use a mirror. Also note that e-mail to MIA volunteers will not be reliable, or may not even be functional, so important e-mails should be held until mid-February, when we are up and running with a new server. You can read the full details of these incidents here.

Hopefully, you will be able to still check it out at its mirror site:

Once there, you will find sections on

Marxist Writers: (a Who's Who of prominant Marxist thinkers)

Reference Writers: (A guide to writers relevant to understanding the concepts of Marxism, from the French Revelation to Black Liberation)

History Archive (A History of the Revolutionary Working Class: Documents by the People who PRacticed it)

Encyclopedia of Marxism ("The Encyclopedia of Marxism aims to be the most complete reference guide to Marxism, the working class, and revolution in the world.")


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