Saturday, February 03, 2007

Another Great Website

Are you needing something succinct to guide you through the morass that is Marx? Here's a great website by Professor Dino Felluga at Purdue

First, there is his list of terms:
This is a handy glossary of most of the concepts we will be working with.

Then Felluga offers four modules:

1) On ideology
2) On the stages of economic development
3) On Capital
4) On Commodity Fetishism

What makes these modules so unique is that you are able to click on every important concept in the text and have an immediate definition appear in a box below it. I find this especially valuable as I am reading Marx's economic theory, where after a while I find it difficult to keep things straight: how to distinguish exchange value straight from use-value? money power from capital?

Even though this site is written for English students, it cab be helpful for us!


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